Therapeutic Balms

Our therapeutic balms Carian are natural, gentle, soothing balms of natural vegetable oils, essential oils Young Living and the best plant extracts!

They are ideal for all skin types, especially for problematic skin. Carian balms of a wide spectrum of action - antibacterial, antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, bactericidal, antiviral, antifungal, regenerating, moisturising, pain relieving.

Carian balms - safe natural ingredients for a wide range of problems and recoveries! 

It does not contain:
  • Harmful or dangerous ingredients
  • Synthetic elements
  • Animal-derived Ingredients
  • Allergens

Kid Safe
Pregnancy Safe
Nursing Safe

Bruise and Scar Balm  Сarian

Bruise and Scar Balm Сarian

CARIAN Balm Bruise and Scar  works quickly on severe bruises to eliminate unsightly cond iti..

from $2.99 Ex Tax: from $2.99

Natural balm Universal CARIAN

Natural balm Universal CARIAN

Antiherpetic Antiviral Balsam - broad-spectrum balm: antibacteria antiseptic anti-inf..

from $2.99 Ex Tax: from $2.99

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