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People will never tell you that sweat smells bad from you, but they will rather share it behind your back with others.

Moreover, many people do not notice their own smell, and those around them will never dare to inform them about this delicate problem ...


Strong sweat odor is an unpleasant subject, especially when it comes to your own scent ...

The smell of sweat can poison your life strong, even if you are socially successful and confident.

The struggle of humanity with unpleasant odors and, in particular, with the smell of sweat, is measured in hundreds of years.

Modern man has a whole arsenal of synthetic means of fighting sweat, and they work well, BUT harm health, because block the work of the sweat glands, which cannot be done!

Two types of glands are involved in the sweating process: eccrine glands (located throughout the skin) and apocrine glands (concentrated mainly in the armpits and groin area).

By the way, sweat has no odour - 99% of it consists of water. The rest is made up of salts and proteins. But the secret produced by the apocrine glands creates a nutrient environment for bacteria, which cause the smell.

It is dangerous to block the sweat glands from working! But you can prevent the appearance of bad smell with natural antibacterial agent, such as magnesium oil.

Magnesium has been used as a natural deodorant for many years. It has been scientifically proven and proven in practice that magnesium can minimize body odor effectively.

Reliance Deodorant CARIAN is a safe, effective natural remedy to combat unpleasant odor throughout the twenty-four hours. 

Reliance Deodorant CARIAN:

  • unscented
  • is a safe, effective and natural
  • does not interfere with the sweat glands, but on the contrary, normalizes their work
  • instantly eliminates sweat odor, creating an environment in which bacteria (which create unpleasant odors) cannot grow.
  • saturates the body with magnesium (transdermally)
  • llows the skin to breathe freely
  • protects from unpleasant odor by 100% within 24 hours


  • Pure water
  • Magnesium chloride

Apply to armpit and other areas (feet) as needed.

Do not use right after shaving.

Store at room temperature.

Expiration date 12 mo from manufacture date.

Warning: for external use only. Keep out of eyes. Keep out of reach of children. Not intended to cure any disease.

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Reliance Deodorant CARIAN

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